A Snack for the Health Conscious  

Munch Upon A Time, it sounds like the start of a fairy tale, but really it's the start of a whole new way of snacking.

Munch Upon A Time
is the ultimate one-stop shop offering the healthy snacks your body needs and taste buds crave. Whether you're craving a healthy treat while on the go or are looking for gluten-free or allergen-free alternatives, you've come to the right place.

Our nutritious varieties go beyond the nut-and-fruit mixes found on store shelves. Munch products are created with the principles of holistic living in mind. We use only the finest quality products and will never add sugar or preservatives.

Munch delivers snacks you can rely on whether you're biking, hiking, running or working through lunch at the office. Grab any of our organic snacks to tame your hunger while supplying essential nutrition to sustain your energy and focus.

We understand that dietary restrictions can pose many challenges between meals, when you need quick refueling to maintain an active lifestyle. We also know that typical (and less healthy) convenience snacks provide only quick bursts of energy before letting you down. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, purest, all natural, organic snacks to help you maintain your energy throughout the day.

We also want to do our part to benefit society. That's why we've decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from each order to charitable organizations.

ave a snacking woe of your own, Tell us and we will strive to provide you with a healthy alternative you can trust.

So come try 
Munch Upon a Time..... 

Time and time again, you'll find your own happy ending!