Going Nuts!

"We need a healthy on the go snack!"

For years, this was a common refrain in our home, as we searched for a satisfying, high
quality fruit-and-nut mix.

We initially started eating raw nuts daily when our family eliminated sugar and gluten
from our diet to reduce hypoglycemia and other health-related symptoms. Thus began
our search for a great-tasting, natural nut mix. The search was long and hard, as nearly
every bag of nuts included salt, sugar or some kind of preservative. Frustrated with the
options, we soon began to source our desired ingredients and make our own

That was 2001.  Our tastes have shifted slightly since then. We now prefer
dry roasted and naturally salted nuts.  So, our search began again. We examined countless bags of
mixes and none was quite right, particularly if we wanted dried fruit mixed in with our
nuts. The dried fruit always had sugar or some preservative added. Again we made our
own mixes, this time combining dry roasted and salted nuts with raw nuts to keep the
salt content in check. We only chose organic dried fruit without sugar or preservatives.

In 2009 we launched Munch Upon a Time, with a simple goal in mind — to save others
time and effort by providing high quality fruit-and-nut mixes without any preservatives,
sugar or gluten.

Our health-conscious mixtures help our family make it through the day. We look forward
to sharing our snacking solutions with yours.

How can we help you achieve the balance you desire, Share your story or requests today and perhaps we can help you tomorrow.