Guilt-free Snacking

Have you recently participated in a taste test of our products and wish to be notified when a particular mix is available?  Please let us know and we will promptly notify you when it's ready for delivery.

Munch Upon A Time products are like nothing you've found.  

Your source for allergen alternative snacking
   All our products are:
     * Peanut free
     * Gluten and Wheat free
     * Most of our products are Soy and Dairy free.

What can you expect in our snacks?
* Only Certified Organic,  from seed to package.
 * Sweetened by nature only.
 * High energy foods.
 * Protein rich.
 * Uncommonly delicious flavors and combinations.
 * On the go and any time satisfaction.

So what is not in our snacks?
* No Preservatives
  * No Sulfites
  * No Oils

  * No     Trans or Unsaturated fats
  * No Refined Sugars, Concentrates, or Artificial Sweeteners